Thank you for taking some time to get to know me. I am a lifelong resident of West Jordan City. I attended all West Jordan Schools, Snow College and Dixie State University where I played college football and studied generals and business administration. My passions are my family, healthcare and coaching football.


I am committed to working hard and serving this wonderful city. The residents in this city are truly amazing and it's why my wife and I settled here while buying our first home together. We welcomed a son that was just born and we have two dogs who are family. 

  • In (2008-2013 ) I started a small business call center in the Tech space.

  • In 2015-2017 I aggressively fought insurance companies wrongful denials of healthcare claims on behalf of families that their insurance company should've paid. 

  •  I have been a delegate, precinct chair for House district 47 sincer 2016

  • I have been Chair of the Democratic Salt Lake County and State Utah Healthcare Caucus since 2016.

  •  I Helped "establish" The Democratic Utah County Healthcare Caucus.

  •  I believe we can better affordibility, accessibility and outcomes in Utah healthcare.

  •  I volunteer as an assistant coach for Herriman High School football in the Jordan School District.

  • I navigate and educate high school student athletes with eligibility, academic and recruitment tools for college..

  • Coached little league football in the Ute Conference for two  years prior to being at the high school. I enjoy teaching young people.