"I come from a family that has been involved in public service for generations. I want to work for the people of West Jordan. We need to create more livable wage jobs as minumum wage isn't cutting it for middle class families anymore.  I want to improve our schools, and make  I want to make healthcare more affordible and accessible while bettering healthcare outcomes!  Healthcare is my top priority.  I have nearly a decade of entrepreneurial experience. I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate complicated governmental agencies , and get things done."



Improving affordability, accessibility, and outcomes in healthcare are the 3 staples we need to better our healthcare system. It’s important all Utahns have access to healthcare without going bankrupt or deciding if we are paying for our electric bill or healthcare. With the recent pandemic it’s important that all of society is as healthy as can be. We are only as healthy as the sickest in our state. The only way to do this is through expanding these 3 areas of healthcare. Maternal and postpartum healthcare coverage to all Utah mothers and their newborns for up to one year after birth if they can’t obtain insurance through their employer is something I believe in. WE had about 40 preventable deaths in 2015-2016 in Utah because mothers and children couldn't gain access to healthcare during their pospartum period. 


The Utah Legislatures failure to leads and expand medicaid via prop 3 by stalling to implement the will of the voters cost the state of Utah and tax payers 6.6  million dollars extra each month out of our pockets to cover less Utahans and to strip them from healthcare.

I believe in saving the Affordable Care Act. 194,000 Utahans get their health insurance through the ACA while 79% of those Utahns qualify for a subsidy or financial help obtaining those plans. 1 million Utahans qualify for a pre existing condition or can be wrongfully denied insurance if the Attorney General Sean Reyes lawsuit prevails. It’s wrong of the Attorney General to sue to remove healthcare coverage for millions of Americans and to endanger 194,000  Utah lives. We need to improve on the current laws instead of going backwards and completely removing consumer protections that help so many Utahns and Americans gain access to healthcarel.

I gathered signatures, educated voters and voted for Prop 3 as did 53% of Utahans. Majority of HD47 also voted for Full Medicaid expansion without Block Grants and Utah’s Community engagement (work requirements) that make enrollee’s that aren’t working full time apply for 48 jobs and deal with heavy administrative burden within 3 months or become locked out from Medicaid.

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing isn’t affordable anymore. Wages are stagnant and costs of homes, condos and apartments are sky rocketing. People of all ages, especially young people are stuck in their parent’s basements or caught renting for almost double what their mortgage would be if they owned their own home, most young people can’t qualify for a home loan in today’s environment. In 2018, West Jordan, Utah lost $555,341 per year in funding for it’s HUD program which was felt in the city budget affecting some of West Jordan’s most vulnerable. I will propose we submit a new 1115 waiver and 1915 waiver to enrich our HUD program via the Medicaid Expansion. It’s proven our health is far better when we aren’t stressed and know we have shelter. These waivers create more state flexibility and allow Utah, more specifically West Jordan to keep its budget intact and fiscally responsible.   

City Infrastructure

I would work with City Council and surround areas to better Mountain View Corridor. Everyone focuses solely on East and West Traffic. If we can focus on improving south bound and north bound traffic on Mountain View Corridor, then that will truly help alleviate a big problem in our traffic flow issues. I would suggest we start building overpasses immediately in similar fashion to Bangeter Highway. Lets not make Mtn. View Corridor the new Bangeter Highway by updating it after the fact when massive growth in our City occurs.


I proudly support the LGBTQ community  I believe  that everyone has the right to be "themselves" in this country!  I will fight vigorously  to ensure that your rights are never infringed upon because of whom you love